Trump interviewed by Piers Morgan and says all sorts of things

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At the Davos World Economic Forum, Donald Trumps first visit to the event included a one-on-one interview with Piers Morgan. The interview, which aired on ITV on Sunday night, revealed some revelations although they may not have been the paradigm shifting revelations that Piers was hoping for.

One of many topics that came up was the Paris Accords. Trump caused an international uproar when he announced that the US was pulling out of the accords. Several nations condemned him for the move and several states within the US declared their intention to follow the accords regardless of what he said. During the interview he mentioned that he’d love to return to the Accords if the deal can be renegotiated.

“I’m a believer in clean air and clean water. The Paris Accords, for us, would have been a disaster”.

When asked if there was a way back for the US, Trump said “It could be a way back. First of all, it was a terrible deal for the United States. If they made a good deal, there’s always a chance we’d get back. But it was a terrible deal for the United States. It was unfair to the United States.”

Morgan then asked if Trump believed in climate change. The lengthy answer was:

“There is a cooling and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place. The icecaps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records, OK? They’re at a record level. I’ll tell you what I believe in. I believe in clean air. I believe in crystal-clear, beautiful water. I believe in just having good cleanliness in all”.

Trump is right. The ice caps are setting records but it is for rate of melting as opposed to anything else.

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Other topics that came up included the Britain First retweets, the upcoming royal wedding and feminism.

Trump claimed that when he re-tweeeted the videos posted by the right-wing extremist group, he had no idea who they were. “You’re telling me about these people,” the President said when Morgan brought them up. “I know nothing about these people.”

When reminded that Meghan Markle called him a “divisive misogynist” he merely shrugged and wished the couple happiness.

He also stated that he does not consider himself a feminist as “I’m for women. I’m for men. I’m for everyone”. There are those however, who point to his pro-life stance, his racism and his history of sexual harassment and say otherwise.

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