Police brutalise 15-year-old Black boy in London

Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton

UK police brutality continues unabated.


On Tuesday night, Terrell Jones-Burton was cycling home with his shop when officers from the Metropolitan Police stopped him and accused him of being involved in the theft of a phone.

CCTV footage shows the officers tackling the 15-year-old — who was still on his bicycle — through the window of a chicken shop near his home in Bermondsey, south London.

Terrell’s mother, Shereen Jones, said her son had been left with a split lip, lost teeth, broken jawbone, bruising on the brain, and abdominal pain.

Writing on Facebook, she said the teenager had been on his way home from local shops with friends when he was approached by officers accusing him of involvement in a mugging.

“He has no criminal record and no involvement with the police,” Ms Jones wrote, using the hashtag #JusticeForTerrell.

“Was all of this necessary over a phone? Police brutality on young black boys has to stop.”

London-based musician Giggs wrote on his Instagram page, saying: “Imagine u get the phone call that your child is in this condition?”



This attack comes two weeks after the Metropolitan Police Commissioner called for ‘more Black boys to be imprisoned’ to combat knife crime, despite also admitting that incarceration does not prevent crime, but rather perpetuates it (as 2 out of 3 people released from prison go on to reoffend in the first year).

This is not an isolated incident. There are many more victims of police brutality in the UK, such as Mzee Mohammed, Joy Gardner, Sheku Bayoh, Jermaine Baker, Sean Rigg, Mark Duggan, Cherry Groce, Kingsley Burrell, Smiley Culture, Sarah Reed, Christopher Alder, Azelle Rodney, Nathaniel Brophy, Cynthia Jarrett, Leon Patterson, Jason McPherson, Leon Briggs, Olaseni Lewis, Philmore Mills, Adrian Mcdonald, Oluwashijibomi Lapite, Demetre Fraser, Ricky Bishop.

In July 2017, 20-year-old Rashan Charles along with 3 other young Black men have died this year after encounters with police officers, sparking further controversy and calls for the officers’ arrests. Black people are killed by police, die in custody, or are subjected to a disproportionate amount of force in the UK, yet the conviction rates of police are low (the number of convictions for police over in-custody deaths remain at 0 since 1969), and half of Met police officers who have been convicted of criminal offences in the past decade continue to work for the force.

The Government and mainstream media must come out and acknowledge UK law enforcement for what it clearly is: systemically racist, and a failing, reactionary force in reducing crime.

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