Dronestagram have released the 20 most stunning aerial pictures of 2017

A woman harvests water lilies in a pond in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam (https://500px.com/thaiduong1412)

Dronestagr.am is a worldwide, digital community of photographers who use drones (not those kinds) to take pictures ten to 400 feet high in the air, and capture some of the most unique views of nature and humans.

Because of the thousands of shots being posted on the site daily, Dronestagram decided to hold a competition every year of the best drone pictures from the last year, and they have now announced the top 20 of 2017.

Scroll down, and tell me you aren’t thinking about buying a drone on Amazon afterwards.

2. Road Trip on Route 66

A couple in a classic blue Ford Mustang Convertible, driving on the historic Route 66 (Raf Willems)

3. Motorbiking Over a Blue ridge

Two scooters crossing the bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Tominspires).

4. Mammals In The Sea

Two mammals swimming in the ocean (DroneFilmsProject)

5. Salt Fields

The salt fields of Bac Lieu are divided into squares and rows. Some of them look like twirling skirts (Helios1412).

6. Lonely House

A lonely house in the middle of rising waters in Alexandria Bay between New York and Canada (JustenSoule).

7. Kefalonia Melissani Cave

Exploring the Melissani cave on the Greek island of Cephalonia by boat (Calin Stan).

8. Stairway to Heaven

The long staircase leading to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, Portugal (jcourtial).

9. Nanook, Master of Beasts

A polar bear in Inuktitut crossing between two pieces of sea glacier. It looks as if it’s trying to hold it as it melts (Florian Ledoux).

10. No Place Like Home

What looks like a quaint house on the beach (Yannick68).

11. Marigolds

Marigolds look as beautiful from high above as they do up close (Seksan Saowarod)

12. Desert Quad Biking


13. A Bloat of Hippos

Hippopotamuses in Serengeti National Park (Yannick68)

14. Gulfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland’s most famous waterfall has an incredible double diagonal cascade (Vaidas GeguÅžis)

15. Workers at Mercury Tower

Dawn reflects the tower in an orange glow (Alexey Goncharov)

16. Portuguese Surfer

A surfer braving the cold waves of Portugal in February (jcourtial)

17. Punta Cana

A tropical island beach in the Dominican Republic (Valentin Valkov)

18. Sveti Stefan Hotel

A floating hotel in Montenegro (Smakadron)

19. Concrete Jungle

Towers in Dubai (bachir_photo_phactory)

20. Cracked Mud Boating

Family sailing on Burke Lake, Virginia (Milo Allerton)

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