X-men and Deadpool could meet Avengers as Disney seeks to buy Fox

In what might be the last, and most definitely craziest deal of the year, 21st Century Fox seems to be on the verge of selling the majority of its assets to Disney. These assets would include Fox’s TV and film properties.

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind is that the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool might finally return home. This would shake the foundations of the MCU as finally all the big names are once again under the Marvel banner.

This would make the time Spiderman showed up in the MCU look like a test run. And we all know how that ended. His scenes in Civil War were, along with his own film, Homecoming were both received with massive applause.

Imagine Deadpool and Spiderman, famous comic book friends, appearing together on the big screen. Imagine the formation of the Illuminati in front of our very eyes. Imagine House of M or Avengers versus X-Men.

The possibilities of Deadpool in the MCU are endless

The possibilities have been fantasised about since the MCU skyrocketed into the global limelight. After dealing with reboot after Spidey reboot, and X-men films that became worse, then better, then worse again, this move would surely place them all in capable and consistent hands. And it gets better: they’ll all be in the same universe.

I personally can’t wait for that really subtle moment when a character in the MCU uses the word “mutant”. Right now, Fox owns the rights to the word mutant when used in that context. Intellectual property is really weird.

But not everyone is as happy as I, and for good reason. Apart from the occasional use of bad language (I’m looking at you, Cap), Disney produces very family friendly films. And even a hardcore fanboy such as myself can admit that despite the already wide range in characters, a lot of the films seem to follow the same kind of template.

Imagine X-men, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, all in one.

Now compare this to the X-Men franchise. After X2 didn’t prove as good as they hoped, and The Last Stand imploded, they did a total one-eighty. First Class was a remarkable film that launched its own series while literally removing The Last Stand from its timeline. Deadpool and Logan, both rated R, were very well received.

Fox has shown a willingness to change and adapt, and push the boundaries of what is seen as safe. At the time, giving Deadpool an R rating seemed to be a terribly risky move. Yet it allowed them to stay true to the character in ways they couldn’t have with a PG rating. Disney, on the other hand, seem content to play it safe and produce films for all ages. Ryan Reynolds himself seemed to question the future of Deadpool under Disney.


The deal has not yet been announced as being completed but many speculate that it’s only a matter of time. Even then, it would take almost a year for everything to be organised. so it is very unlikely that we’ll see Deadpool eating a chimichanga while Thanos destroys New York.

But my guess is that Phase 4, post Infinity War, is going to be one epic ride.

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